Curb Appeal

hello, i'm katie.
i'm from lexington, kentucky.
my heart really hates me.
i have a greyhound named webster.
love kentucky basketball.
love indie music (mainly folk).
love meeting new people.
love random life experiences.
love smooth skin against crisp white sheets.
love the finding the beauty in the life.
love to laugh (i do it a lot).
love to help make the world a better place.
love idealism.
love rolling hills.
and, i love a good curb.

So here are some pictures from the trip out to the Gorge this weekend. It was a perfect day for it, and we both had a really wonderful time. Sometimes it pays to just look at what nature gives us. Plus it is always rewarding to show someone somewhere unexpected—especially when it somewhere like the Red River Gorge. And it’s in Eastern Kentucky. 

Plus I figured you guys should know that I do leave the internet behind sometimes… And go out to nature. 

The last picture is of Webster—post bromance. He slept on that pillow, with that sad look for a whole day. Poor guy. I am pretty sure he was planning on leaving me to have a new life in Florida… 

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