Curb Appeal

hello, i'm katie.
i'm from lexington, kentucky.
my heart really hates me.
i have a greyhound named webster.
love kentucky basketball.
love indie music (mainly folk).
love meeting new people.
love random life experiences.
love smooth skin against crisp white sheets.
love the finding the beauty in the life.
love to laugh (i do it a lot).
love to help make the world a better place.
love idealism.
love rolling hills.
and, i love a good curb.

Sometimes it’s hard to believe they’re the same breed… #greyhounds

So. Laying in bed, crying non stop doesn’t make you fall asleep very easily. Webster has been in a lot of pain over the past 24 hours, and I’m really incredibly worried that it’s time to put him down. It’s so hard to watch him suffer like this. I just want to cry and make him better. He’s my baby and I am so afraid to lose him—and face life with out him. On top of it all I feel so so guilty. I should have done more for him… He may be a grumpy old asshole, but he’s my grumpy old asshole.


Just need him to pull through.

We have a slight cuddling problem in our house. #joinedatthehip #greyhound

Who said that female #greyhounds aren’t loving? #sweetlove

Proof that with age, not all things come easier. According to Webster, the vet is always scary.

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so. i might be back on tumblr? maybe? idk. depends a lot of things.

here’s all you have to know:

ares is now a dock leaper

im offically in my mid 20s

and i have a wii u now.

thats about it!

also. i looked over my blog, and holy shit—i post a lot about dogs. its kinda strange.

Yeah. Cora is done. Laying outside is tough.

Ares is starting to rack up some ribbons… The greyhounds are getting quite jealous. #jumpyjump4lyfe

Puppy blanket!

Soooo why isn’t this is Cora’s size!?

Cora. Cora. Cora. You strange, strange dog. #greyhound #lazydays

Ares might be excited for the #pool. #Crazylab #teamwiggles

Awww there’s a greyhound on my cup! Clearly a sign I should go to Chipotle more often.