Curb Appeal

hello, i'm katie.
i'm from lexington, kentucky.
my heart really hates me.
i have a greyhound named webster.
love kentucky basketball.
love indie music (mainly folk).
love meeting new people.
love random life experiences.
love smooth skin against crisp white sheets.
love the finding the beauty in the life.
love to laugh (i do it a lot).
love to help make the world a better place.
love idealism.
love rolling hills.
and, i love a good curb.

Cora. Post first run of the day. Full on crazy face. #happyhound

Cora’s got her racing bag out, which can only mean one thing. Lure coursing bright and early! Fingers crossed for her first real ASFA trial! #greyhound #fakebunnies

Cora. Why. How. #greyhound #doggiefetalposition

This little crazy eyed thing graduated last night! Yes, she cheated and used a bed— but excelled never the less! And better yet, she’s come out of her shell a little more! Everyone should know the goofy Cora we love.

Ares officially knows what it’s like to be near his tail. He apparently likes it. We’ve been doing for 10 mins now… #teamwiggles #labsbecrazy

Cora might be a little obsessed/protective of her bunny…




Boing, boing, boing

is that a fucking toucan

no its a dog

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*Nobody has actually ever died in Indiana

I really hate pillbox refill days…

Toungue out the side, without a care in the world. #jowls4lyfe


*awkwardly left alone with a baby* soooo….. do you… watch game of thrones?

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whose dog is it?

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Just what everyone wants to wake up to—rooster hounds. #rooitup #greyhounds

Marshmallow thumb = night in the ER. Thanks a lot, stupid box grater.


lucid blog

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